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VW GRAPH (2016)

CG Supervisor


This project began with a test to create a VW Tiguan driving along a dynamically growing ramp which would be viewed from the side as a line graph.  Starting with a 3D model of a Toureg, I created a quick test as a proof of concept, which ended up landing us the job.  From there, I began to develop a suite of software to allow us to have a controllable road-building system which could adjust its timing, growth rate, and distance as the animation of the vehicle was updated.  This system was based around using the PullDownIt plugin for Maya, which shatters objects using Voronoi-based patterns.

The production team wanted to make use of a six-axis motion base, so we created a 3D previz of all the shots, and once approved, went on to make detailed diagrams for each shot with camera values, positions, and motion base rotations necessary to film the shots.  Utilizing this method, it was necessary to replace all the wheels with CG rolling versions, so after having the rim and tire 3D scanned by Jan Huybrechs from Another World Studios, we built those and then had camera track and matchmove performed by Joseph Chiechi.

This project was one of the first we completed using the new (at the time) Redshift 3D GPU-based renderer, and the results turned out to be a huge success.

CG Test

Making Of

Shatter Test



Jeff Bitsack



Visual Effects

Brickyard VFX

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