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The items on this page highlight a selection of some of the treatments, pitches, and concepts I've written and assembled as a Creative Director for various commercial work.  Click the image to view the treatment, or the button to view additional content.

Energizer Bunny Recharged

Tasked with developing how to bring a new premium feel to the famous Energizer Bunny, I set about to develop a character design guide to accomplish this task.  With the help of Frankell Baramdyka's amazing artwork, this treatment brings that vision to life.  Don't miss the Sergio Aragonés inspired "marginal" cartoons.

Wells Fargo Sum Of Our Parts

We were approached by Wells Fargo to design an in-store multipanel experience, centered around the creation of a unique piece of artwork.  This treatment combined my knowledge of view-angle dependent forced perspective, time lapse photography, and stop motion techniques to create a unique, enthralling installation.

Girl Skateboards Drop

This labour of love was an idea brewing in my head for quite a long time.  My early teenage years spent skating combined with the long-held desire to make a skate video led me to develop this concept for Spike Jonze's Girl Skateboards, combining huge concrete letters, handheld camera moves, and some sick street style.

Alexia Time Lapse Flavor

Alexia approached us to develop a spot centered around a cutaway view of their potatoes growing into a bag of their product, portraying the freshness of their packaged farm-to-table food.  I approached this with a combination of close-up miniature photography combined with CG plants in a unique take on this concept.

Amtrak Ride In Style

Having ridden many Amtrak trains across the United States, this seemed like a natural concept to pitch.  Showcasing the relaxing, laid back nature of riding on a train, this story weaves a fantastic magical narrative with striking scenery to extoll the benefits of travel aboard one of their luxurious coaches.

Chevy Volt Battery

As the release of the Chevy Volt neared, I put together this lofty concept that would take the viewer on a cinematic journey through the evolution of the modern battery from its historical roots, ending in the culmination of that technology in this new vehicle leading the way towards electric vehicles of the future.

Chevy Volt Time Machine

Coinciding with Chevy's 100th anniversary, this homage piece would take the viewer into the famous 1960 George Pal directed Time Machine movie, recreating scenes from that film in exacting detail, with the story altered to bring the time travelling vehicle to the present, only to realize it's the Chevy Volt.

Pontiac Spy Hunter

Pontiac approached us to create a concept of their new G8 vehicle immersed into the old 1980's game Spy Hunter.  What I envisioned was a world mixed with reality and video game styling that was a world class action sequence.  The talented folks at Sway ended up making this spot, but it was a fun challenge to visualize what would later become an epic commercial.

Pontiac Mine

Going hand-in-hand with the Spy Hunter pitch, this spot became a Night Driver inspired romp through a child's imagination as his toy car in the form of Pontiac's new G8 worked its way through a stylized test track, performing amazing trick driving stunts while showcasing its beautiful lines.  Also completed by the talented folks at Sway, this was a blast to conceptualize.

McCormick Spice Logo

This pitch involved creating a stop motion piece for resolving the McCormick logo from a pile of spices.  This required purchasing all the spices, building a finished logo from them with spraymount and a series of frisket masks, and then covering the finished piece with large piles and then blowing the powder off in steps while photographing fun is this job?!

Disney/Sony 3

This collection of concept design boards was created by handful of talented artists on my team to demonstrate a number of different ways to begin the spot in stereo, capturing various nostalgic references and looks into a cohesive flythrough.  I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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