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During the course of my career, I have been lucky enough to have been invited to write some technical articles as well as blog posts for various publications, most notably Post Magazine.  Please enjoy some of these writeups below, many of them covering past SIGGRAPH expos.

Post Magazine 2013

An On-Set VFX Supervisor's Duties

Dear VFX Supervisor, Can you explain the various tasks an on-set visual effects supervisor performs during a shoot for a commercial that requires CG in post? ...

SIGGRAPH 2015 Blog - Day 1

VR, Keynote, Parallax Mapping & Chance Meetings

Hello SIGGRAPH friends! After skipping a year, I'm back again at the show, ready to dive into the latest and greatest that's taken place in our industry. As everyone already knows...

SIGGRAPH 2015 Blog - Day 2

Microbots, Mountains & Membranes

Today was hands down the best day I've ever had at SIGGRAPH in my many years of attending, and I thought I would reflect on something for a moment that anyone working in this industry should consider. As I'm sitting here in my living room at midnight...

SIGGRAPH 2015 Blog - Day 3

From Domes to Dinosaurs

Today was an interesting day for some different reasons than the past two. I attended four talks, one of which was about a topic I knew very little about, and three others for movies I have not yet...

SIGGRAPH 2015 Blog - Day 4

A Peanut & An Ant Walk Into A Bar

As quickly as it all began, another SIGGRAPH has come and gone. Overall, this year's show had some really interesting talks and presentations. Similar to the last time I attended...

SIGGRAPH 2013 Blog - Day 1

Oz, Man Of Steel, 3D Printing & More

Hello again! Another year, and another SIGGRAPH is here. This is my first time in the Anaheim Convention Center, which is somewhat exciting, as I've always wondered about...

SIGGRAPH 2013 Blog - Day 2

Printers, Trees, and Raytracing, Oh My!

Hello again loyal reader!  Today was a fun day at the show, albeit more freeform. I wasn't able to arrive in time for the IronMan 3 Production Session, so I decided to spend the day doing some more in-depth research about the items and ideas on the...

SIGGRAPH 2013 Blog - Day 3

A Slice Of Monster Pi

My third and final day of Siggraph came and went.  It was a pretty nice show this year, although as I mentioned before, it was smaller and definitely less energetic and enthusiastic overall.  I'm sure this is a combination of the...

SIGGRAPH 2012 Blog - Day 1

Green Steve And Wondermoss

It seems like Siggraph 2010 was just here, and now I'm back two years later in my home town for another round. While I was unable to attend yesterday, I showed up early to get...

SIGGRAPH 2012 Blog - Day 2

Noisy Boy, You're My Hero

Tuesday at Siggraph started out as a normal day for me, cup of coffee and a slow drive on the freeway.  This is always my time to think about the plan for...

SIGGRAPH 2010 Blog - Day 1

What a Day!

This morning the SIGGRAPH trade show opened. By all accounts there are less exhibitors from previous years. Although the industry is slowly climbing back from last year recession, it is about half the...

SIGGRAPH 2010 Blog - Day 2

Tuesday's News Array

Good evening loyal readers!  Well, SIGGRAPH is officially more than half way through.  It’s been an interesting show so far, with some really great talks and courses that have definitely prompted me to...

SIGGRAPH 2010 Blog - Day 3

Only One More Day

Good evening loyal readers.Wednesday is rapidly coming to a close, and so is this year’s SIGGRAPH exhibition and conference.Tomorrow is the last day, and there are a few classes left I might try to...

SIGGRAPH 2010 Blog - Day 4

My Final Thoughts

All great things must end, and so follows that SIGGRAPH 2010 has finally come to a close. Overall, it was a nice conference this year, with some interesting new technologies to be seen and a few new techniques and ideas to...

Building Crowds Of Unique Characters - SIGGRAPH ACM

Co-author of Digital Domain's Crowd System for Day After Tomorrow & iRobot

Creating a digital crowd animation and rendering software system capable of procedurally generating and populating environments with crowds, then animating and rendering the dynamic motion of...

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