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STEALTH (2005)

Lead Character Setup & Pipeline Technical Director; Interim Animation Supervisor


As lead character and pipeline technical director on Stealth, my primary function was to supervise the development and implementation of a unified system for the front end Maya pipeline, named CoPilot. This tool encompassed five core functions:

  1. A relative-path enabled file referencing system with various levels of load, update, and swap control.

  2. A model and rig version release system.

  3. An animation rendering and data publishing mechanism.

  4. A graphical rig-control animation interface.

  5. An embedded suite of utilities, tools, and scripts for previz, modeling, rigging, integration, animation, color and lighting, and rendering.


In addition to this main system, I was responsible for supervising the development of all the animation rigs, including airplanes, vehicles, human pilots, weapons, cameras, and props.


In addition to leading three technical directors, a modeler, and a character setup artist in this process, I was also the interim animation supervisor for the beginning portion of the show. I was responsible for training eleven animators on the techniques to be used in the film as well as supervising seven while approving animation for production and director review.



Rob Cohen


Columbia Pictures

Visual Effects

Digital Domain

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