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SOAR (2015)

Animation Director / Live Action Stop Motion Director

For this project, Disney Parks had young kids pitch ideas for sub-two minute shorts to showcase their theme parks with the "Direct Your Disney Side" campaign.  One of three that were chosen was 15-year old Claire Jantzen's "SOAR", a 90-second tale of a young girl who must fight off some familiar Disney villains and free a captive teenage cartoon boy, ending up at Disneyland and kissing the boy who comes to life as a real person.  The entire spot was to feature a young heroine, shot practically in posed stop motion against a real blackboard floor, and all the visuals added in after the fact on top of the plates.


I was in charge of coming up with the shooting methodology and directing the two-day live action stop-motion shoot for this project, as well as directing the 2d and 3d animation, creating the real blackboard animation drawings, and even cutting together a first pass audio score.  The entire two day shoot was performed in a single take, and we captured time lapse photography of the entire process.


Claire Jantzen


Disney Parks

Visual Effects

Brickyard VFX



In-studio test of the stop motion graphics overlay shooting technique, featuring intern/artist Chase Webb.

Timelapse capture of the two-day stop-motion shoot.

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